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10 June 2020 @ 04:23 pm

Welcome to Aisu's LJ.

Feel free to friend me, but please comment here or PM me first so I know who you are.

If you can't tolerate dolls, spazzy tl;dr, or general awesomeness, you won't fit in.

Check my profile for general info on me.

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14 March 2011 @ 10:12 pm
Lol omg I'm so sorry I didn't keep up with these day-by-day posts! ;__; Offline life caught up with me, had a school retreat and a busy weekend. But here's what's happened so far: I BEAT THE MAIN STORYLINE LAST NIGHT. xD I got through the Elite Four in one go, no resetting or losing whatsoever! And then I caught Zekrom (Yin!) in my Masterball and easily defeated N and Ghetsis. My team is sooooo close to being complete; I just need my darn Rufflet to evolve! I beat the league with this team I've got, all level 50+. Today I've just been training, training, training. I visited White Forest and I'm in the route just beyond it, battling in the double grass. Anyway, here they are (at their current levels)!

Walter - Male - Samurott - Adamant - Lv53
Aqua Tail / Revenge / Swords Dance / Megahorn

Oskar - Male - Darmanitan - Serious - Lv54
Hammer Arm / Flare Blitz / Fire Punch / Overheat

Angela - Female - Lilligant - Lax - Lv54
Aromatherapy / Leech Seed / Leaf Storm / Giga Drain

Kuda (name change to Shiloh?) - Female - Mienshao - Timid - Lv54
U-Turn / Bounce / Jump Kick / Drain Punch

Austin - Female - Haxorus - Timid - Lv53
Dragon Dance / Dragon Claw / Dig / False Swipe

Ace (temp. name!) - Male - Rufflet - Hardy - Lv52
Sky Drop / Slash / Fly / Air Slash

Please give me suggestions on a new name for my Rufflet! When he evolves he'll be a tough guy with a mohawk and an attitude. >D Also tell me if you think my Mienshao should be renamed Shiloh - she's a flirty, sweet girl, but merciless in battle. She's also Asian (Japanese on one side and Chinese on the other) if that makes any difference lol. Human pictures and personalities stiiiiill coming!

By the way, I get these sprites from Arkeis.com and re-upload them to my Photobucket!
08 March 2011 @ 11:44 pm
Did a TON of training today and beat Elesa! I'm standing right in front of the next gym, ready to get my fifth badge tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I've got a final team in mind (Samurott, Darmanitan, Liligant, Ononokusu, Mienshao, and Braviary). Just need to find those last three... Wah. Anyway, I cut Amp completely, and now I've got random HM slaves and crap hanging out in his spot until I need a Fly-er. So that's why there's only five. And I've got human forms/personalites down for Angela and Walter! Those'll come soon. Anyway here's the team.

Walter - Male - Dewott - Adamant - Lv30
Water Pulse / Revenge / Razor Shell / Fury Cutter

Oskar - Male - Darumakka - Serious - Lv30
Dig / Fire Fang / Fire Punch / Thrash

Angela - Female - Petilil - Lax - Lv29
Aromatherapy / Leech Seed / Magical Leaf / Mega Drain

Elvis - Female - Blitzle - Serious - Lv26
Flame Charge / Spark / Pursuit / Shock Wave

Excalibur - Female - Whirlipede - Lax - Lv27
Poison Tail / Bug Bite / Pursuit / Protect

Yeah. I'll post human pics and info of Angela and Walter asap!
07 March 2011 @ 10:22 pm
I didn't have much time to play today at all. ;___; But here are my results. Beat the third Gym, and I'm in the desert place now, off to figure out what Prof. Juniper wants from me. Barry got cut from my team, I've got a new dude now lol. And Amp's next on the chopping block... just waiting to find one of my most desired Pokemon (Mienfoo, Rufflet, or Axew). I have a team of eight Pokemon in mind, I'll have to cut two by the end... ;__;

Walter - Male - Dewott - Adamant - Lv22
Water Gun / Retaliate / Razor Shell / Fury Cutter

Oskar - Male - Darumakka - Serious - Lv22
Facade / Fire Fang / Fire Punch / Rage

Elvis - Female - Blitzle - Serious - Lv22
Flame Charge / Thunder Wave / Pursuit / Shock Wave

Angela - Female - Petilil - Lax - Lv22
Synthesis / Leech Seed / Magical Leaf / Mega Drain

Excalibur - Female - Whirlipede - Lax - Lv25
Poison Tail / Bug Bite / Pursuit / Protect

Amp - Male - Roggenrola - Brave - Lv20
Mud-Slap / Rock Blast / Sand-Attack / Headbutt

I'm still finalizing names, personalities, and human forms, but so far so good!
07 March 2011 @ 12:40 am
FFF IT'S SO AWESOME I CAN'T STOP PLAYING IT. ♥ Right now I'm in the Pinwheel Forest but I've already beaten Team Plasma in there, I'm just walking around to beat the last of the trainers before I move on to the next city (via that awesome bridge!). I'm probably gonna keep playing some more tonight but here is my team as of writing this:

Walter - Male - Dewott - Adamant - Lv20
Water Gun / Retaliate / Razor Shell / Fury Cutter

Barry - Male - Pansear - Naive - Lv17
Scratch / Fury Swipes / Yawn / Incinerate

Elvis - Female - Blitzle - Serious - Lv17
Quick Attack / Thunder Wave / Charge / Shock Wave

Angela - Female - Petilil - Lax - Lv19
Synthesis / Leech Seed / Magical Leaf / Mega Drain

Excalibur - Female - Venipede - Lax - Lv17
Poison Sting / Screech / Pursuit / Protect

Amp - Male - Roggenrola - Brave - Lv19
Mud-Slap / Rock Blast / Sand-Attack / Headbutt

They are subject to name-changes (and whole Pokemon change-outs, obviously, as I catch new ones to replace the old) as I develop their personalities... already got some human forms sketched out lul ;u;
01 March 2011 @ 07:11 pm


This time with bonus guns!

(Black and white version, Link to Deviantart)
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27 February 2011 @ 02:18 pm

FFFFFFFF. ON DEVIANTART, I GOT 200 FAVES ON THIS PICTURE. I uploaded it like a day ago dudes! It's called "are you here with me?" and it's of Noodle (left) and Cyborg Noodle (right) of the band Gorillaz.

It beat out "Contact" for my most favorited piece... IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS. D8

Here's a link to the pic btw.

Anyway I bought the Plastic Beach CD (I'd been listening to it on Youtube lol), and it's awezummm. The best ones are the ones where 2-D sings, the all-featured-rapper-songs are not as good. :/ But still it's a great CD as a whole. "On Melancholy Hill," "Rhinestone Eyes," "Stylo," "Superfast Jellyfish," "Broken," and "Empire Ants" are my favorites. I also really love the music at the beginning of "White Flag," but once the rappers take over it gets boring. Anywaaay. Demon Days is next haha. (Yeah, I just got into Gorillaz a couple weeks ago. I'm catching up pretty fast I think, lol.)

I love Jamie Hewlett's style. *__* Like seriously, he draws AMAZINGLY. I love how simple the characters' designs are, they're addictively fun to draw. Cyborg Noodle and Noodle are my favorites, as characters and design-wise. I wish there was more info on Cyborg's personality though! I'd love to know more about her, and about what happened to the real Noodle while she was gone. (And I want to know what Noodle thinks about Cyborg Noodle and vise-versa... So far I've just been making my own head-canon for them lol.) ANYWAY. Enough about Gorillaz.

I went to Charleston, SC and took a ton of pictures of Milo and Quinn. Those'll be up soon. The second part of my "Aisu Forms Headshots" will be up soon too. And probably also some more sketches of the Gorillaz. xD

My (late) birthday part with my school friends was totally awesome! I just got back from it, it was Saturday. We went to Universal and got stuck on the Harry Potter ride in the Chamber of Secrets part! They turned the lights on and everything, it was so cool! I was totally happy lol, I've always wished that would happen to me. xD After the park we went to Downtown Disney to eat at T-Rex, THE BEST RESTAURANT EVER. It was so cool, my friends gave me a Sing-A-Ma-Jig, a manga, a dinosaur coloring book, a Lackadaisy comic (by :devtracyjb:) real life book (SO BEAUTIFUL), a shirt and DOUBLE RAINBOW pin, and some money with Potter Puppet Pals faces taped on to the bills. xD

13 February 2011 @ 07:37 pm
It's time for a... *~JUSTIN BIEBER ADVENTURE!~*

I went to see Biebs' movie today and brought my Biebs with me lol. (It was good, go see it! If you don't already like him, you probably will by the end of the movie.)

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24 January 2011 @ 05:29 pm
So, how was my birthday? AWESOME. I watched Fringe on Friday night, then opened Drey's box at midnight! The next morning my friends from Orlando showed up (Phantasmagoria and BryBry on DOA). They brought their dolls (including Phantasmagoria's huuuge Epidos, Ephi!) and we went to the Botenical Gardens for some photo fun. ♥ After that, we went to Bento's for dinner, ate RAINBOW CAKE, and watched The Invisible! On Sunday we just chilled, watched HTTYD and played with the dolls. ♥ It was such a great weekend!

Here's the cake... hehehe.

Here are the pictures I took of Drey's second box opening!

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I'll post the Gardens pictures in a second!